How much CBD should I take?

Our goal is help you find the best launching point for your CBD journey. Please remember that every body is unique & this dosing will never replace the medical advice of a physician. 

What are you taking CBD for? 

Generally CBD usage falls into 3 categories. 

    1. Stress, Focus & Mood = Lower Dose
    2. Pain or Ailment Relief = Mid Range
    3. Sleep = Higher Dose

Higher doses of CBD cause a sedating effect which helps you fall & stay asleep. Where lower doses help with stress mood & focus. 

How much CBD should I take?

This is a great question & certainly the hardest to answer. As with any other substance, what your body needs is unique to you. 
As your body's needs change, so will your dose. Using the chart bellow will give you a great start. 

What will I feel?

The ability to fall asleep, or noticeably lowered pain or stress means that you have hit the jackpot. For most users full effects of CBD are noticed after 30 minutes, but it is important to remember that each individual experience is unique to each body.
Every IX CBD product is meant to support your body & go where it is needed most.